Preserving history one cemetery at a time...

The Franklin County Cemetery Society has never charged fees for our cemetery restoration services, however we do rely on donations to support our efforts. Currently our funding for our supplies and materials comes from corporate donations, friends of the FCCS and dues collected from our members. If you are interested in supporting our endeavors, we would gladly accept a donation mailed to
Franklin County Cemetery Society
P.O. Box 146
Washington, MO 63090

We extend an open invitation to you to become a member and be a part of this fantastic group of preservationists. If you can't be there with us to get your hands dirty and do some very rewarding work, you can support us in other ways: monetary donations or specific items from our wish list are always welcome.

Here are a few items on our wish list:
1) Enclosed Trailer for transporting equipment
2) Manual water pump - hand crank style that fits 55 gallon drum.
3) Drills
4) Generators